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Its back to school time…

After a lovely long holiday, the thought of the kids going back to school can be a delight… or a daunting process. So, geared with a great long list, I start the seemingly endless purchases. Luckily, our products have also got you covered for getting the kids ready to go back to school.

Alec loves his Pencil Case and fills it with pencils and kokis in every colour of the rainbow. I’ve realized that the older they get the more space they need for things like cello tape, glue, rulers and staplers so our new Double Zip Pencil Case is the perfect accessory.

Backpacks are high up on my kid’s agenda and it’s their favourite accessory to choose for the year ahead. The Kids Backpack is great for the smaller kiddies who only carry a few books, while the Victoria Backpack is ideal for older grades who have a bit more responsibility. Izzy loves her Hanger Bags that are so versatile and uses them for library books, schoolbooks and projects that can be safely stowed away.

The gorgeous Lunch Box Cooler and Lunch Sling are great for organizing snacks and keeping lunches cool on a hot summers day. I pack a bit extra if the kids have got sport on after school and I use the Lunch Sling for the kids when we go on holiday. For those little ones who loving getting their hands and clothes dirty, the Lou Harvey Aprons are perfect for adding a bright layer of protection and saving clothes from unruly stains.

One thing’s for sure our new colourful designs will ensure your little ones know exactly which bag belongs to them.

Wishing you all a happy back to school journey!

Love Lou