lou harvey

Brand Story

For more than a decade, the Lou Harvey brand has become synonymous with high quality, unique design and vibrant colors. Now selling around the globe, this sophisticated range is the realisation of Lou’s desire to balance style and functionality for every woman at any lifestyle juncture: whether you are a new mom in need of a nappy/diaper bag; taking a trip to the beach; headed to the golf course or the gym; or even catching a plane; Lou’s creations are designed to support your journey in the most practical and fashionable way. Following her formal studies in fashion design and interiors, Lou was fortunate enough to train professionally under some of the most recognisable brands, setting the stage for the staggering success that this Durban-born entrepreneur has enjoyed. As a hard-working mom, Lou is constantly inspired by her own need for durable accessories that are easy to clean, convenient to carry and simply fabulous to look at. Lou observes and credits much of her accomplishments to three core philosophies:
  • There are no free lunches – only hard work and dedication;
  • Research! Research! Research!
  • Surround yourself with positive people.
The Lou Harvey Collection continues to grow both in variety and appeal, and claims a dedicated following across all categories of consumers. Functional style for women who make life happen every day – defined